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Workshop on the Scandinavian Living Lab approach

At the ICE-conference in Münich in June 2012, the SociaLL project and the Smarties project (both financed by Nordforsk) collaboratively arranged an international Living Lab workshop. The aim of this workshop was to contribute to research on Living lab activities and illuminate the opportunities the Living Lab Key Principles offers to Living Lab Practices. In the workshop we also discussed how to implement and use social software to support Living Lab practices. At the workshop, lively group discussions and presentations contributed to the concept of Living Labs.

Curious about the Scandinavian approach to Living Labs? Want to join in on the The European Conference in Technology and Innovation Management – ICE-2012, arranged in Munich, June 18-20?

The SociaLL project, by Anna Ståhlbröst of Botnia Living Lab, is co-organizer of an international workshop with the aim to explore the value of the Scandinavian Living Lab approach in innovation processes. In particular, the workshop takes as a starting point the following key principles: openness, influence, sustainability, realism and value.

The workshop should explicate the opportunities these five key-principles offer to Living Lab practices. Also, discussions will be conducted on how to implement social software to support the Living Lab practices.

Want to know more? See the workshop description and the conference programme