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Innovating with users - open seminar in Oslo

  • Do you want to know more about how to involve users in innovation?
  • Learn about social software for user involvement?
  • Share experiences with fellow practitioners?

More than 50 participants at the seminar arranged by the Nordic research projects SociaLL and SmartIES. Invited speakers: Morten Falch / Lene Tolstrup Sørensen (Aalborg University Copenhagen), Martin Bekkelund (Posten/Norway Post), and Bengt Lerpold (Visma).

Click here to see the seminar program.

The seminar was for industry and public sector professionals who work to involve users in innovation and development processes.

Seminar in Halmstad: Innovation focusing on the user - a practical guide

On Wednesday the 14th of November between 9.00-12.00 Halmstad University, Centre for Health Technology Halland, and the Region of Halland arranges an open industrial dissemination seminar about user involvement in innovation processes with the help of social software.

The seminar is a part of the dissemination activates done within the SociaLL project. Three researchers will be presenting and discussing the following three themes:

  • Jesper Svensson, Halmstad University: Openness and IP – How to successfully involve multiple actors and user groups in digital innovation processes
  • Anna Ståhlbröst, Luleå University: Recruitment and motivation of users/consumers in development processes
  • Esbjörn Ebbesson, Halmstad University: Opportunities and challenges with social software in digital innovation processes

Interested to know more? Please contact seminar organizer Jesper Svensson, jesper.svensson(at)

Facebook as arena for participatory design?

Master student Lill Francis M. Reyes worked with the SociaLL project when doing her thesis on translating the participatory design method Future workshops for use on Facebook. The future workshop is a renowned method for engaging users in design, where user participants are taken through three phases of critique, fantasy and implementation, where they respectively criticize the current way and suggest their dream way of solving the design challenge, before working out how to translate the dream solution to real-world implementation.

In this Facebook version of the future workshop, potential users, designers, and to some degree the project owner cooperated for three weeks to explore new designs for an online photo heritage service. The result is an engaging journey into both how such an online service journey could be, but more importantly how a social networking service such as Facebook can be used to facilitate participatory design.

You find the thesis here. Recommended reading.