The NordForsk LILAN programme

SociaLL is supported by the NordForsk LILAN programme.

LILAN is a NordForsk innovation and research programme aiming to promote innovation by empowering users. LILAN will also increase the competiveness of organizations and improve people’s quality of life. This is done through funding of Innovation and R&D projects involving people in everyday situations together with a structured setting of openly collaborating developing companies, researchers and public authorities. Read more at the LILAN website.

NordForsk is a Nordic organisation with responsibility for research cooperation and training. The organisation focuses on research areas in which the Nordic countries are international leaders. NordForsk is the administrator of the LILAN programme. Read more at the NordForsk website. There is also a description of SociaLL at the NordForsk website.

LILAN funding and supporting partners are:

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