SociaLL involves four project partners, each with their own Living Labs.

Copenhagen Living Lab is a Danish consultancy organizing user-driven innovation processes and generation of new insights. It was formed as a joint venture between Danish Broadcasting Corporation and the science park Symbion in 2006 and has existed as an independent company since 2007. Currently employs a staff of 10 people – a mixture of ethnologists, humanist scholars and innovative practitioners who will reflect, analyze, and change to improve.

Halmstad University hosts Halmstad Living Lab, a co-operation between a multidisciplinary team of researchers, partners from the industry and non-profit organizations. The focus of the Living Lab is to enhance innovation processes for companies as well as providing value adding digital innovations for the consumer.

Luleå university of technology hosts Botnia Living Lab, Sweden’s first and largest open Living Lab for human-centric ICT development. Botnia’s focus is to support human-centric innovation of advanced ICT Services. The basic idea is to engage end-users, individuals and stakeholder organisations, along a targeted value chain, in the total process from need-finding and idea-generation, through concept-development and prototype/usability testing to pilot service validation of market and marketing principles.

SINTEF hosts RECORD online Living Lab, a virtual Living Lab established as part of the research project RECORD Living Lab is comprised of an online environment based on a social solution for sharing of audiovisual content and a panel of participants. Previous Living Lab cases target user feedback for the development of social media solutions.

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