About SociaLL

SociaLL is a Nordic research project running from 2010-2012.

In SociaLL, we will establish social software as a cost and time effective approach to co-creation in Living Labs, thereby increasing the commercial value and uptake of Living Lab methodology – in particular in SMEs and with respect to geographically dispersed user groups.

Research objective
Value-creating use of social software for co-creation in (a) existing Living Lab infrastructures and (b) SMEs with little or no previous experience with Living Labs.


  • Requirements and design
  • Implementation in SME innovation processes
  • Implementation in existing Living Lab infrastructures
  • Recruitment and maintenance of user communities.

Project partners
The research will be conducted by a consortium of four organizations, all hosting ENoLL Living Labs: SINTEF (RECORD online Living Lab), Copenhagen Living Lab, Halmstad University (Halmstad Living Lab), and Luleå University of Technology (Botnia Living Lab). The partners represent state-of-the-art competence and solutions for Living Lab social software, as well as broad experience in involvement of distributed user groups in Living Lab activities.

The research will be conducted iteratively, with empirical basis in case-studies; the case clients recruited from the partners’ national networks and parallel research and innovation projects. The project will impact directly through the case clients, and indirectly through dissemination and exploitation targeting SMEs and existing Living Labs at the Nordic and European level.

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