Social software for co-creation in Living Labs

Which social software to choose for co-creation activities in Living Labs? And what can you expect when involving users in such co-creation activities?

In the SociaLL we have tried to answer these questions by formulating requirements for social software to be used in co-creation, by getting an overview of existing solutions, and by developing new solutions for co-creation in Living Labs.

In a report from the project work package on requirements and design, we first present different types of social software designed to support user involvement and co-creation at different phases of the innovation process. In particular, we go into detail on a social software solutions developed within the SociaLL project to support user feedback on design.

We also present our experiences and lessons learnt from using this social software in cases of user involvement in innovation. Our experiences are based on the results from the user involvement, as well as post factum reports from clients and participants. In particular, we discuss challenges and findings concerning participant interaction.

Want to know more? See the full report

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