User recruitment and commitment in Living Labs

Living Labs are arenas for involving users in innovation processes. However, to recruit and maintain groups or communitie of user participants in a Living Lab is challenging.

As part of the SociaLL project, Marco Bertoni and Anna Ståhlbröst at Luleå Technical University have reported on their work to study how social media can be used to support user recruitment and commitment for online Living Lab studies.

They take as their starting point seven challenges for the implementation of social software in Living Labs, then present findings from an analysis of existing social networking platforms, a user study in the RECORD online Living Lab, and focus groups on participation online innovation activities.

The end result is a framework for user recruitement and commitment in Living Labs, particularly concerning online Living Lab studies. Their findings have also been used to orient the development of Collaboration Network @ LTU, a Drupal-based platform to be used to support Living Lab initiatives.

Interested? Download the report here.

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