Social design feedback in an online Living Lab

SociaLL report on social design feedback

In innovation and development projects it is useful to get feedback from users on ideas, concepts and designs. However, acquiring such feedback can be challenging – in particular if users are to be involved by way of face to face methods.

In the SociaLL project we are researching how to use social software to get such user feedback. In particular, we are looking at solutions for commenting on new ideas, concepts and designs – where designers and developers can show their design to user participants, and the users can provide feedback as comments in an ad-hoc group online.

We experience that such social design feedback may indeed be valuable. However, we also see the need to increase the interaction between the participants in such design feedback studies – sol that the participants can build on each others insights and thereby provide richer feedback.

In the first year of SociaLL we have conducted two cases on social design feedback, trying out different layout configurations to increase interaction between participating users. We also tried out comment tagging as a mechanism for real-time analysis of design feedback.

Our experiences, as well as a detailed presentation of social design feedback is provided in this report. Welcome :-)

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